Capturing your true image 

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First of all: Welcome to my photopage! Glad you could take the time to visit this site between all the fishslapping you’re all so busy with nowadays.


My name is Angelique van Huijzen, born and raised in The Hague, Netherlands and now 24 years old. Back in my childhood I already had a huge love for Photography, back then I couldn’t keep my hands off the Analog camera we had laying around and through the years that passion got bigger and bigger and turned into my love and fire.

Since 2006 I’ve been getting more interested in the Musicphotography and during that time also bought my first real professional camera and really started learning the tricks of the art. For a few years I’ve mostly been making photos at concerts, but in 2008 I also started going to more festivals.

Now I’m occassionally found around the photopit at Rock/Metalgigs and I can’t get enough of it! 🙂

The Photography itself

 I love to get the true image of someone on frame.

I do this by really analyzing their movements, facial expressions and specific timing of multiple things. At the same time I also make sure to get the lightingorder set out in my mind.When I have these few things (combined) clearly set out in my head, I try to really time my photos and I mostly focus on getting the person, as they are on stage and how I believe they are in real life, shot in that sincere manner on my camera.

And most importantly I also want to show the energy that shoots around during a gig, I want that energy shown on my photos and I do that by using the lights given at a venue or festival. Using the specific order stuck in my memory of which colours come next I try to frame colours and emotion in the same photo.

Anyway, enough of this jibber-jabbering, the real important stuff, namely:

My Equipment

Canon 50D

Canon EOS 70-200 USM f:2.8

Canon EOS 24-70 USM f:2.8

Canon EOS 50 mm f:1.8

Canon EOS 15 mm FishEye f:1.4

Work Experience

To be updated a.s.a.p.

You can however mail me with questions or for making appointments at


Home Gamma Ray – DOA 2014 – 21/06/2014 Dokkum